Buckskin Dun
Gimme Shelter Challenge 2021


September 1, 2020:

Since her last update, Dusty has welcomed a beautiful colt foal, Durango.  She is a good mom and has proven to be generous with allowing us to get close to and touch him.  She has also been making nice progress herself!  She is easier to catch and halter, has learned to lead and back with gentle pressure, lunges both to the right and left, enjoys being pet all over and is learning to pick up her feet.  Way to go, mama!

June 7, 2020:

Dusty has become more comfortable with people. She now will allow us to pet her on both sides of her neck, shoulder and down her back. She is working on being comfortable being haltered in a large area. She a smart girl who can still be defensive if pushed too hard but is making steady progress in her confidence around humans.

Update January 6, 2020:

Dusty is a very cautious girl.  She is very unsure of people and has shown signs that she will try and protect herself when she gets nervous.  She has been haltered and did not show signs of understanding a halter.  She is allowing us to approach her in her pen to let her smell a hand.  Dusty is showing signs that she has had very little, to no contact with people before coming to us.  There is also the possibility she is pregnant.

Dusty is a one year old grade light buckskin dun that also came in with the group from south of Cuba. She too has been exposed to stallions and could be in foal for 2020. Dusty is feral and even though she is the least trusting of the group, she has not attempted to go through fences or to get too wound up. In quarantine and hopefully eligible for our 2020 GS challenge. Not available for adoption.