2021 Gimme Shelter Challenge
Corinne Hoody 2021


March 12, 2021:Demi has come pretty far since her last update. She is now a bit easier to catch, handles desensitizing better, and has even started to show some comfort being approached and touched by some of our volunteers. Demi will pick up her feet when asked, ties (though she is still impatient with tying sometimes), works well in the round pen, loads in the trailer and sends over and around obstacles.

November 1, 2020:

Demi is working hard to be a trusting, quiet horse. Though she is still difficult to catch, she is less so now than she was for the previous update. She is learning to send over obstacles and is getting exercise in the round pen. She is reactive and jumpy and finds desensitizing with the lead rope challenging. She is also prone to overthinking things and finds it difficult to focus on her handler at times.

September 1, 2020:

Demi has started liberty work in the round pen and some groundwork. She enjoys walking over the bridge and stands quietly and patiently in hand while waiting for what’s next. She does still have some nervousness and confidence issues, and is difficult to catch, but is working toward overcoming those issues.

June 7, 2020:

Demi is gaining more confidence with humans. She can be caught though she is still shy about it and is now enjoying being pet in her pen without being haltered. She is sweet and wants to learn but is still cautious.

Update January 6, 2020:

Demi is very curious and interested in people.  She has been haltered and did not show signs of understanding a halter.  She is allowing us to approach her in her pen and is starting to get more confident with our presence.  Demi is showing signs that she has had very little, to no contact with people before coming to us.  But we have already worked our way to being able to touch her nose and face.  So she is warming up to the idea of human touch.  There is also the possibility she is pregnant.

Demi is a 2 (?) year old grade bay mare that also came to THS from south of Cuba. If she truly is a long 2 year old, she has nice growth. She has a kind eye and for a feral is not overly reactive to people, but it is also obvious she has not been handled. She has been exposed to stallions and could possibly be in foal for 2020. In quarantine and hopefully eligible for our 2020 GS challenge. Not available for adoption.