2021 Gimme Shelter Challenge


September 1, 2020:

After Delta’s foal, Dixie, was weaned, she has been making great progress. She is learning about liberty work in the round pen and has started to learn more groundwork. She continues to be mellow and sweet. Delta will participate in a 60 Day Groundwork Challenge this fall.

June 7, 2020:

Delta is proving to be very gentle and calm. She can now be caught in her pen with little difficulty, enjoys being pet all over, moves off the halter from forward pressure and is learning to back up. She still has a lot of learning to do but is a willing student.

Update January 6, 2020:

Delta is a sweet girl who gets more confident every day. She has been haltered and shows signs of some understanding of a halter.  She is allowing us to go into her pen and touch her neck both sides. Delta can be a little standoffish, but she is showing signs of interest with people. There is a good chance she has had some handling from people. There is also the possibility she is pregnant.

Delta is a grade bay mare, who came in with her colt (Diego) at her side. She came to us from the area south of Cuba along with two other mares. Delta is somewhat feral but has let us rub on her a little and was not acting overly protective of her colt. She has a quiet eye and we hope that she will begin to trust people quickly. She has been exposed to stallions and may be in foal for 2020. In quarantine, not available for adoption and she might be eligible for our 2020 GS challenge.