October 25, 2021:

Cinnamon is an Indian horse. She came in with her mother, Chica. Over the past couple years, she has finally let down her guard and she is more trusting, friendlier, and loving.

Update June 11, 2020:

Cinnamon has received treatment to her stifle and is currently in rehab.  She will be reevaluated after she has healed to see if she can return to the riding program.  She continues to achieve light ground work with our volunteers during her recovery.

Update January 6, 2020:

Cinnamon has had some good time under saddle, however we are going to change her training regiment.  She will be transitioned to trail rides only to focus on getting more miles with her under saddle.  She may also get some time off from riding and get the opportunity to work with some of our volunteers on the ground.  At this time Cinnamon will require an experienced rider.

Update October 4:

Cinnamon has continued to improve with her training and nervousness under saddle.  She is getting a better understanding of softness and collection in all of her gaits.  She has improved with her flexibility through her body and is learning to not get stiff when she is unsure of something.  Cinnamon has been out on the trail for many miles and loves to explore.  She is becoming a solid trail horse, and with more experience will continue to get better and better.  At this time Cinnamon will still require an intermediate rider.

Update August 13:

Cinnamon is a sweet riding horse with a lot of try. She can still get a little nervous at the beginning of a ride, but she settles down quickly. She is getting softer to the bridle, especially in the walk and trot. She can sometimes get a bit worried and fast when asked to lope, but slows down quickly and has a quiet, smooth lope. Cinnamon really seems to enjoy going out on trails. She is really sure footed, and can cruise down a trail on a loose rein. Cinnamon will require an intermediate rider.

Update March 15:

Cinnamon has continued to make progress in her training. She stands quiet to be groomed and saddled and is learning to really relax under saddle. Cinnamon gets more confident with every ride and wants to build a strong trusting bond with her rider. At this time she still would require an intermediate rider.

Update December 12th:

Cinnamon is a gentle girl with a big heart.  She has been ridden in the arena, out on our trails, and continues to make good progress.  She can still get a little worried and jumpy at times, but is getting more confident and sure of herself.  At this time, Cinnamon will still require an intermediate to advanced rider.

Update June 18, 2018:

Cinnamon is continuing to progress in training. As she is getting more time and education under saddle she is slowly getting more confident. She can still be jumpy at times on the ground and under saddle and still has a lot to learn but is continuing to progress. Will require an advanced intermediate rider.

Cinnamon is a new addition to our training program. Despite her limited number of rides, she is progressing along very well and is showing the desire to be a quiet easy-going horse. Cinnamon is currently learning how to direct rein and move her different body parts. At this time, she is just lacking time under saddle to become comfortable and understand what the rider is asking.