Grade Quarter Horse type


Update October 7, 2020:

Cimarron has now been ridden around 20 times. His first couple of rides went very well. He does seem to enjoy having something to do and so far is a quick learner. In the future he will learn the basics of being ridden under saddle so he can be better prepared for an adoption. He will also be exposed to trail riding once he gets a better handle under saddle. Currently Cimarron has only been ridden in our bull pen and in the arena.  At this time he requires an advanced rider. Having experience starting horses under saddle would be beneficial, or a trainer’s help may be required.

Update June 11, 2020:

Cimarron has continued to receive ground work training from our volunteers and our trainer. Though he did not get selected from the pool of horses for the Gimme Shelter Draw, he now can start his saddle preparation training here. He has shown to be smart and athletic. Cimarron likes to learn and we think he would enjoy having a job. If he keeps up the good work on the ground, he will be started under saddle soon.

Update October 15:

Cimarron has been castrated and started working with our trainer on the ground.  He has been learning more ground manners and is really starting to understand personal space.  He has also started working with a few of our volunteers to start understanding more ground work and obstacles. Cimarron will be held for our 2020 Gimme Shelter Challenge pool of horses.

Cimarron is a 5 year old dun stallion that was picked up by NMLB in the Laguna area. He will be scheduled for castration and should make a nice little gelding. Cimarron wants to be friendly but can be nippy at times and is easily distracted by other horses. He does not appear to have much handling and he will be further evaluated as to his disposition and level of training. Not available for adoption at this time.