Quarter horse type


March 12, 2021:

Burl is currently working with a volunteer and is becoming more comfortable with new folks. She is still a bit reactive but is working through it.

November 1, 2020:

Burl is in the evaluation process of ground work to determine if she will be able to be started under saddle. She is a strong and athletic mare, but is not very confident in herself when it comes to new things. She does have a tendency to react and try to leave when she gets too nervous.

September 1, 2020:

Burl continues to make small amounts of progress in her groundwork. She is great at focusing on her handler, listens well to commands and is becoming somewhat less reactive. She is still holding on to some anxiety about picking up her feet, especially her hind feet. She does seem to be more confident with new people and has become easier to catch.

Update June 26:

Burl continues to have good days where she is more trusting and looking for attention, and bad days where she can be very reactive, but the bad days are fewer and fewer. She does still regress when she has had two or three days in a row of not being handled. She does pony out quite nicely but did take a little time getting used to another horse being ridden behind her. She remains difficult for both farrier and vet work, but we are working on those issues as well. Adoption fee: $500

Although arriving severely emaciated, Burl has turned into a beautiful QH type mare. She continues to struggle with fear and flight issues, and will need someone with a lot of time and patience.

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