BLM Mustang
Not Available


November 1, 2020:

Blondie has made some very small bits of progress. She used to completely tune out people in her pen; simply moving away from them when they got too close and avoiding even looking at them. Now, she will give us her full attention when we enter her pen, and has even started to take several steps toward us. She does, however, remain untouchable; holding firmly onto her safe zone “bubble”.

September 1, 2020:

Blondie is enjoying some time to herself after her foal, Bug, was weaned recently.  She still will not allow us to touch her at this time, but now that she can concentrate on us instead of Bug, we are hoping to start making more progress toward gaining her trust.

Update June 7, 2020:

Blondie is starting to accept us in her space, but continues to be a little wary. Her trust is growing every day. However she still needs time before she’ll allow us to quietly touch or catch her.

Blondie is an adult (age unknown at this time) grade palomino mare that was picked up by the NMLB in San Miguel county as an estray. She was reported to have been hung up by her halter on a fence post, eventually pulling away with the halter still around her neck. She then put a front leg through the halter and the halter had to be cut off to free her. She arrived at THS pretty traumatized but never became aggressive in the chute while drawing blood and being microchipped. We hope Blondie becomes a real rock star once she starts trusting people as she shows a great deal of sense to have not broken her neck or a leg through her ordeal. It will take time to earn her trust to evaluate if she is even halter trained. Not available for adoption.