2018 Gimme Shelter: Trainers’ Rally for Rescues

The Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds
3237 Rodeo Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87502

Professional trainers have volunteered their time and talents to take a rescue horse into training for 100 days. None of the horses had been ridden before. The trainers will be exhibiting the horses at our 5th Annual Gimme Shelter Event, and the horses will be available for adoption.

Bring family, friends and neighbors—this event is FREE to the public.

Friday from 4—6.30 pm judging of Conditioning & In Hand and “Talk to the Trainers” (no vending on site.)

Saturday kicks off at 10 am with Riding Obstacles & Dry Work.

Freestyle at 12 pm.

You will have the opportunity to visit with trainers & horses at 1 pm, followed by our adoption-based auction of the participating horses. (Pre-bidding is available if you cannot attend.)

Food, shaved ice and merchandise vendors onsite. NO DOGS ALLOWED!

July 19 and 20, 2019

  • Garth

    Gelding, 6 YEARS OLD, 14 hh, Grade, Grulla

    Trained By

    Sponsored By

    Nancy Langford

    Training Progress

    Patrick Otis on Garth at our event. Here a video of his freestyle portion:

    July 3 update: Garth is coming along very well. I had some setbacks earlier in the process. With some help from Sam Grogan Garth is now back up to speed. Garth is an excellent mover with a good personality. At times, he can still be a little young-minded. Garth takes most challenges head on, but can wonder at times, why he is asked to do something a certain way, when he thinks there is an easier way. Garth is going to make a great horse, even if it will still take some time for him to mature fully.

    May 21 update:  Garth is moving along well. He takes his time to understand everything but once he gets it he seems like he has it. I have been moving slow this year so Garth could be further along but he is learning well.

    Garth is a  grulla gelding who can still have his playful days. He has had a lot of handling and catches on quickly. He is a willing and curious partner.

  • Hopi

    Mare, 9 YEARS OLD, 15+ hh, Grade, Sorrel

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Alexis Fastle placed fourth on Hopi. Here a video of her freestyle portion:

    July 5 update: We are just over two weeks from the show now, and Hopi is progressing very nicely.  She is becoming very soft in her walk and trot and even a bit in the lope.  She is not a fan of the tarp but has been improving with it every session.  Hopi has very soft body control and is an absolute pleasure to be around on the ground.  She is not scared of cows, ropes, dogs, water or anything that one may expect to encounter on a trail ride (except for the tarp!).  However, Hopi does have quite a bit of energy and would only do well with someone who felt comfortable with this energy level.  She is not anxious, but she will do best with someone who enjoys moving out and is well balanced in the saddle.  Hopi is great with other horses yet never buddy sour.  She is very playful and would be happiest in a home that has room for her to move and other horses for her to interact with.

    May 15 update: Hopi is doing nothing but progressing with her training and attitude.  She is smart and very willing to try.  Despite having good energy, she is well behaved in new locations and isn’t easily worked up.  She is very easy to catch and loves being around people.  We are working on advancing our riding and obtaining very solid ground work.  The perfect fit for Hopi would be someone who is both confident and light.  She would do much better with someone who knows horses well due to her sensitivity, young age and energy.  She is very curious and would thrive in an area where she has room to move around and has plenty of mental engagement.  Overall, Hopi is a great horse that is willing to please and easy to teach.  I am very excited to see how her training continues! Anyone interested in her is welcome to contact me and schedule a time to come out and meet her!

    April 21 update: Here are some pictures of Hopi and a short little update! Hopi and I are kinda taking a little more of a liberty start-up approach just to try something new, so that’s why she hasn’t been saddled or bridled; its not due to any issues.

    “We have reached our two week mark, and Hopi is coming along very well so far.  She is athletic, smart and easy to work with.  She has a lot of energy but is not too flighty.  She is very sensitive and will require someone who is light and gives immediate releases. So far, we have worked on mastering her body control on the ground and have started to translate this onto her back.  She has not been saddled or bridled yet but will be soon.”

    Hopi is a sorrel mare that stands 15+hh. She is another one that has matured mentally and physically over the past year. She is ready for and willing to do a job. Hopi is smart and wants to please especially once she gets to know you.

  • Jackson

    Gelding, 6 YEARS OLD, Grade, Bay

    Trained By

    Sponsored By

    John Haupert & Bryan Brooks

    Training Progress

    Rebecca Fastle on Jackson in the freestyle portion: (music was removed due to copyright issue)

    July 12 update:  Things that are going well:  I believe Jackson has turned the corner, is having fun, and will be ready for adoption by the time of the show.   He seems to thoroughly enjoy being ridden and he LOVES praise.  He is really trying hard to do what I am asking and, if I simply take my time and give him time to think, he does things quietly and calmly. New places don’t phase him; he rides easily away from the other horses and stands quietly when tied.

    Things needing a little extra time:  To prospective adopters I would say – don’t be in a hurry – take your time with him, be gentle with your spurs and quiet your hands – he is really light and responds well to light pressure.  He occasionally still gets anxious but this never manifests itself in bucking or rearing – simple head tossing or nippiness that may need redirection before asking again.  He is young, has matured tremendously over these past few months and is going to be a really nice horse as he continues to mature. I’m super excited with the progress we’ve made over the past few weeks.  Jackson has completely changed, still loves people but is more respectful, and is becoming quite easy to direct under saddle.

    Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of this amazing program! Becky

    July 3 update:

    Going Well:  Jackson is making tremendous strides in several areas and he is genuinely trying really hard to do what I’m asking of him – which isn’t all that clear to him at times!  He has a good attitude and isn’t holding a grudge against the trailer, tarp or me – at least not yet.  He does well in new places, he is curious, and pretty low stress.  He has spent a few days at “Dolly Wallace Boot Camp” to help me with some of the issues I was having and to communicate more effectively with him.

    Continuing to work on:  Jackson needs a lot of support and consistency right now.  He is not fond of the tarp or backing out of the trailer and these are areas that we continue to work on. You can see from the photos that he is loping in the big arena – and actually going either in a straight line or on a curve – but not both at the same time – this is progress!

    Overall:  Great attitude, tries hard, a real people horse, sweet and good natured.  Will fall back into old habits of biting and disrespecting your space if you let him – I’d recommend no hand treats for at least a while and strong, clear signals regarding personal space.

    June 19 update: Jackson is doing well – tons of energy and incredible stamina.

    Things he is doing well: he saddles quietly, loads easily into the trailer, ties nicely, loves a bath and does not mind fly spray a bit. He loves people. He works nicely with long lines and in the round pen. He stands quietly when mounting from the mounting block. He loves it when he knows he did it right. He really doesn’t waste time bucking – has very smooth and fun to ride gaits – will be nice when I’m able to add direction to those gaits.

    Challenges:  he is very young and shows this daily. He gets nervous easily when he doesn’t understand what I’m asking of him. He gets stressed when asking him to move off of my leg. Progress is slow. He hates the tarp and is learning to handle it but every day is like he’s never seen it.

    May 15 update: When I first got Jackson five weeks ago, he was extremely mouthy. We called him the piranha! Now, although he still nibbles when he gets anxious, this habit is mostly gone. He is only three years old, and has trouble focusing for prolonged periods of time. We are working on this, and he is getting better. He hates his ears being touched but is improving. Because of this, we have not started riding him with a bridle. He is learning to direct off of a halter and leg. I think that Jackson still has some confidence to build but it is coming, and I expect him to continue improving on all fronts!

    April 23, 2018 update:

    Jackson is curious, willing and gentle.  He has accepted the saddle nicely and loves the bit – something to play with, I believe.  He’s not so sure about long lining and is getting used to accepting direction.  He loves baths and being groomed.  He enjoys stealing things from my pocket, helps get his lead rope (doesn’t like to give it back) and, in general, puts everything in his mouth.   I plan to introduce him to trail through ponying over the next couple of days.

    Jackson is a bay gelding and has had some joint issues with growing too fast. He will not be able to be pushed hard physically or be fed any hot feed, including alfalfa. He will require straight grass hay. Jackson is another playful youngster that will require good boundaries as he can be nippy.

  • Kimi

    Mare, 8 YEARS OLD, Grade, Perlino

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Rudy won Second Place on Kimi this year. Here a video of his freestyle portion:

    May 16 Update: Kimi is an outstanding little mare and has been learning really fast. She has a very gentle mind and is very calm I could see her  for anyone looking for a calm horse. I’m sure she will be great for a beginner rider to advanced.

    Kimi is a perlino mare. She came in with some halter training. She is very smart and willing and seems to enjoy class time. I would say Kimi is a bit quiet, but is coming along quickly.

  • Reno

    gelding, 6 YEARS OLD, 14.1 hh, Grade, Black

    Trained By

    Sponsored By

    Kentucky Derby Team

    Training Progress

    Sam won First Place at this year’s event, here a video of his freestyle portion:

    July 17 update:  As we are drawing closer and closer to the Challenge, Reno and I are still hard at work in preparation. He continues to show a good mind and
    willingness to try. Occasionally he can get a little side-tracked and unfocused when riding him around but he is pretty easy to get refocused. I could not be more pleased with this little guy and how he has progressed through these 100 days.

    Progress April 27: 

    I could not be more pleased with this young man and his progress. Reno has so much personality and willingness to try. He is very smart and really thinks through things and catches on to everything very quickly with such a nice quiet demeanor. He has also taken hauling to new places very well and remained very calm. I could not have picked a better horse this year. I am very pleased with him and excited to see how he progresses.

    Reno is a black gelding that came in as a stallion. He can be a bit pushy when in with other geldings but does very well being in his own pen next to mares or geldings. Reno is smart but can be a little on the dull side requiring a firmer request. Once he knows you mean business, and that you will follow through, he becomes a very willing partner.

  • Rosa

    Mare, 10 YEARS OLD, 14.3 Hands, Grade, Rose Gray

    Trained By

    Sponsored By

    Mary Rankovich

    Training Progress

    Greg Russell and Rosa at this year’s event. Here a video of their freestyle:

    July 5 update: Luna Rosa is progressing nicely…..doing well at home and now needs some experiences off the ranch in more challenging environments, so we will be ranch sorting this weekend at another ranch.

    May 15 update: You have to earn Rosa’s trust.  Once you do and are able to reach into her personality, she is super intelligent, willing, quiet, and has easily accepted my training system.  She is a real pleasure to work with.

    Rosa is a pretty gray mare with good substance. She came in feral and was not easy to convince that people are okay. She has done better with one handler and has made tremendous progress in this area. Rosa is now tolerating a different person approaching and taking the lead rope to work with her. She will require patient and consistent training. I think once she trusts you and saddle work begins, she will improve a lot faster with riding.

  • Twiggy

    Mare, 8 YEARS OLD, 13.3 Hands, Quarter Horse Type, Bay

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Dale Fastle placed third on Twiggy at this year’s event, here a video of her freestyle portion:

    July 9 update: I can’t believe there are less than two weeks left! Twiggy has proven to be super fun to work with. She tries her hardest and is extremely sweet. She is very athletic, and I have absolutely loved working with her. She has become very soft and moves nicely through all of her gaits. She does well on trail and loves cows! Twiggy is level headed and not high-strung, but I haven’t found her to be particularly dull either. Twiggy is responsive and loves trying new things. I have nothing bad to say about her and will be sad to see her go.

    May 15, 2018 update:  After having Twiggy for ten days, I find her to be sweet and very smart. She was fine with me on her back from the beginning and is overall an easy going, non-spooky horse. Just to offer a quick anecdote: on the second day I had her, she was loose in the round pen. She went to roll and got all of her feet stuck through the bars. She realized she was stuck immediately and lay completely still. Alex and I went over to her to see if we could help, and she let us push all of her legs one at a time back through the fence before standing up. I was very impressed. She likes to think before she reacts, and I find this trait to be invaluable.

    At times, she can be a little sassy but this is more cute than dangerous and ends as soon as she understands what is being asked of her. She is progressing nicely and I am so excited to spend the next two months working with her!

    She will require regular trimming on her front hooves as she does toe in and this gets worse the longer her hooves are. She has not been lame, but may require a bit slower start and our vet suggests booting her up when being worked. Twiggy knows her groundwork and is more on the dull side.

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