Equus Film Festival 2017

Thursday, August 18

  • 6–7pm: Opening event with performances of “A Native American Flute Honor Song For The Horses,” by Grammy Award Winner Micki Free and dance by Larry Yazzie, two-time world champion Fancy Dancer.
  • 7–9pm: Screening of “The Last Ride” by Aku Rodriguez, and the “Horse Shelter Diaries” by Sharon Eliashar.
  • 9–10pm: Panel discussion with filmmakers.

Friday, August 19

  • 4–6pm: Their Last Ride, Blind Spot: Moments Unseen, Taming Wild
  • 6:30–8:30pm: Black Turf, Albie: A Story From Back On Track, One Day, follow by Q&A with filmmaker Victoria Racimo
  • 8:30–10:30pm: The Equestrian, A Sunday Horse

Saturday, August 20

  • 4–6pm: The Edge, Horse Trive, Talking To The Air: Horses Of The Forbidden Kingdom
  • 6:30–8:30pm: Cowgirls, We Are A Horse Nation
  • 8:45–10:45pm: Capturing Wild Horses, Their Last Ride, American Outrage
August 19–20, 2017
Opening Night Tickets: $25