2021 Gimme Shelter Adoption Event

2021 Gimme Shelter Event & Auction-Based Adoption

The Gimme Shelter Event and Auction-Based Adoption was a great success!

We would like to give special thanks to all the professional trainers, Greg Russell, Cori Hoody, Zia Reato, Michelle DeCanditis and Zac Christopher for their time, dedication and training. Please support them and their businesses. We would like to also thank our Judges, Sponsors, Volunteers, THS Staff & Board Members.
Thank you to all who spread the word and helped to get these gorgeous horses adopted. Keep spreading the word. We have many more horses in need of a good home.
1st Place Winner – Cori Hoody & Demi 
2nd Place Winner Zia Reato & Fortune

3rd Place Winner Zia Reato & Pearl

4th Place Winner Greg Russell & Twist


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August 3, 2021 at 8:00 AM. and ends August 6, 2021 at 5:00 PM.

  • Demi

    Mare, 3 YEARS OLD, 14hh, Grade, Bay

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Training Update: Demi has come a long way in a very short time. From being shy, reactive and unwilling to trust, she has blossomed into a big hearted, smart, athletic mare with a big personality and a lot of try. This last month we have focused on exposure to unique elements, including water, cows, tractors, four-wheelers, trucks/trailers, other horses, and more. Her confidence has developed quickly and she shows huge promise in many areas, but really likes to explore. She has spent the past several months at higher elevation (7,300 ft), and has had the opportunity to go on many rides up in the steep, rocky mountains, which has given her practice crossing ravines, creeks, boulders, narrow streams, as well as rocky bluffs—all of which she has handled like a seasoned pro. She has a nice walk/trot/lope, and an excellent backup. She is very intelligent and willing to please, which makes her a fun mare to train. However, like with any horse with only a few rides, she still has moments where she doesn’t process pressure the way I’d prefer and, this next month we will continue to work on handle work to help solidify her steering, while also continuing to expose her to as much as possible.

    Pros: Demi has shown herself to be athletic and smart. When she is feeling confident with her handler, she can be quiet and focused.  Demi is stoutly built and seems to have a good
    work ethic.

    Cons: Demi can be reactive and “flighty” when she is not feeling confident.  She sometimes hides that she is just tolerating new things instead of accepting them.  Demi can be difficult to catch, especially with people new to her.  Demi came to THS feral and untouchable.

  • Fortune

    Filly, 3 YEARS OLD, Grade, Gray

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Training Update: Fortune came a long way. She’s very docile and social. Loves attention and being part of “it” she also has the most amazing feet I have ever seen on a domestic raised horse. On a camp trip we rode through some very tough and rocky terrain…. Not even a chip! Over night you can leave her loose at the camp site, she will be a guard horse and will be right at your door when you wake up. She has a strong personality and needs a leader in her life and must be told where her place is or she will walk all over you.

    Pros: Fortune is extremely smart and confident.  She is a quick learner and excels with structured, consistent training.  She enjoys having a job to do.

    Cons: Her intelligence and confidence has contributed to pushiness, some stubbornness and a lack of respect for boundaries.  She will take advantage of a handlers lack of confidence or skill if she sees it. She can be reactive to loud noises or quick movements in the distance, and is often distracted by other horses or activity in the area.

  • Pearl

    Mare, 4 YEARS OLD, Grade, White/gray

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Pros: Once she trusts her handler, she becomes more confident in herself.
    She has a quiet disposition.  Has a willing attitude to learn.

    Cons: Can become reactive when she is pushed to her limit and possibly had some poor handling in her past.  Lacks confidence and trust with new things.  She can be shy before she knows a new person especially during the initial approach and haltering.

  • Promise

    Mare, 5 YEARS OLD, Grade, Black & White Pinto

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Training Update: Promise is a friendly eager mare. That said, she is on the bossy end of the spectrum and doesn’t easily accept direction. At this juncture she needs an assertive, but fair rider and handler. She’s being hauled off site on a weekly basis. She’ll stand tied quietly for extended periods of time, but can need a stronger push to load up. The same is true riding where she can become stuck and balky. In my opinion there are both mental and physical blocks to get past. Her spook is more of a startle and stop, but then the resistance to move on can be strong. However, she is now proficient in previous challenges such as aerosol sprays and clippers. I’m interested to see what shakes out over the next month…

    Pros: She has a lot of confidence in herself.  She has shown to be very smart and athletic.  Has a sweet and friendly personality.

    Cons: Has shown some aggressive tendencies when asked to do things on the ground.  Can get stubborn when she starts getting fatigued.

    • Michelle-Promise
  • Twist

    Filly, 3 YEARS OLD, Grade, Bay

    Trained By

    Training Progress

    Training Update: “Twist has a good quiet personality that is very accepting of new experiences for such a young horse. She rides on a loose rein on the trails, and will quietly walk, trot and canter.  She embraces the new training techniques as I introduce them, so has been easy and a pleasure to train.”

    Pros: Twist has a friendly disposition and enjoys people. She is level headed, highly trainable and easy going. Twist was one of the first of the group to work with volunteers and has proven to be quiet easy to catch, work with and groom.

    Cons: Due to her high trainability and go-with-the-flow personality, Twist will easily pick up bad habits and put forth minimal effort during training sessions if allowed to. She can be easily distracted when she is not actively engaged.

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