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Category: Adoption Update

Adoption Update

Adoption Update – Fiona (formerly Gaho)

THS Adoption Success

Adoption Update - Fiona (formerly Gaho)

I wanted to let everyone know that Fiona (formerly Gaho) is doing well.

She had some spooky times during the BIG winds but has settled in well to her new environment.

She and Bodhi hang out together and are on their way to becoming best friends.

Feeding time is always interesting – who will be the boss today? always changing…

Fiona is doing great with her liberty work over raised poles in our 1.5 acre turnout.
She is also teaching me to be very clear in my requests as they are a bit different than what she was taught (so well) at The Horse Shelter.

We are forming a bond and she is coming out of her shell, brighter every day.

Thank you for your help and all the you do for the horses and people at The Horse Shelter.