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Great News! – Tango Adopted

Adoption Success

Tango Finds a Happy Home
More good news sharing: @breegoo has welcomed pretty miss Tango into her barn! This love story began more than two years ago and came to fruition this past week.
It may seem like horses are flying out our door with all these happy reports but as you can tell, a lot of time and effort and thought goes into a successful adoption. We have a three-step process: an initial meet-and-greet; a riding test (if the horse is being adopted for riding); and a barn check, before a horse leaves the ranch. This process is to ensure a successful long-term adoption.
Once a horse comes into our herd, we have a lifetime connection with them, and you, and are invested in happy outcomes for all.
Thank you, Brianna, for checking all the boxes.
Photo credit @rachellynnart