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Garth, DOB 2015

A young colt that arrived at the side of his dam Gaho.  

He has not been handled and still has a lot of growing up to do.

Jackson, DOB 2015

Bay gelding with a beautiful, shiny coat and signs of having some gaited bloodlines. He is halter trained and loads easily. He loves attention but can still be nippy and playful, due to his age and having arrived at THS                           as stallion.

Alano, DOB 2013

May be our smallest Navajo gelding, but has great character! Demands that everyone play with him and provides all of us entertainment. Cute pinto that catches your eye.

Burl, DOB 2012

 Arrived severely emaciated has turned into a beautiful QH type mare. She continues to struggle with fear and flight issues, will need someone with a lot of time a patience.

Chinle, DOB 2013

A beautiful sorrel filly, friendly, halter trained, ties and feet worked with. Knows some basic round penning. If we didn’t know that she was a Navajo baby you would think that she is a very well bred QH. Has nice confirmation.

Pima, DOB 2013

 Pima is a bay mare that cam in with her foal Penasco, a one month old colt.

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

Brandy,  DOB 2016

 Brandy foaled at THS on August 15, 2016. Both she and her dam Bailey are doing well.

Little Big Man, DOB 2014

A young bay gelding, who is halter trained, has started to learn basic ground work and is very friendly.  This little guy eats up attention and enjoys a good brushing. 

Deetz, DOB 2013

Deetz is a black gelding that came in from the Roswell area with Dally. He is a very friendly guy and wants to be in your hip pocket. He was castrated and has started ground work and halter training.

Penasco, DOB 2016

Penasco is red dun colt and growing well.

Ysidro,  DOB 2012

 Ysidro is a bay gelding, who was castrated upon arrival at THS. He is in halter training.

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Bria, DOB 2013

  Is a cute pinto mare, who came to THS with her dam Bailey through NMLB, when found estrayed. She has started on ground work and halter training and is doing well. Bria is due to foal and not available for adoption at this time.

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Gaho, DOB 2013

A beautiful dark brown mare that came in with her colt Garth through the NMLB. She has started ground work and halter work training.

Twiggy, DOB 2013

 A bay mare that is halter trained, loads into a trailer and wants to be friendly.

Hopi, DOB 2012

Hopi is a 3 year old grade sorrel mare. Hopi is not halter trained but has begone training now.

Zuni, DOB 2014

Zuni is a sorrel mare that arrived at THS with her filly Zia. Zuni is in halter training.

Zia, DOB 2016

Zia is a bay filly with four high stockings.

She arrived at THS with her dam Zuni.

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Belle, DOB 2016

Belle was born on July 13th at the ranch  to her dam Bria, both are doing very well.

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Captain Call, DOB 2014

A gray gelding that has good size and bone for his age. He is halter trained and is easy to deal with. Captain was very good for vetting and easily loaded into the trailer. 

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse

2017 Gimme Shelter horse