The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

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There are many ways you can support us as you will see on the following pages but one of the easiest must be our associates program! If you order through amazon, please remember to click through our website to get there. It will take you to your regular page and you can go about your business as usual. Once the transaction is completed and shipped we will receive 6-8% of your purchase price, at no additional cost to you! You will need to click through our “go amazon” box before every transaction to participate in this easy way of giving, that will cost you only seconds in your day!

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Help us Raise Shelter

We have been busy this summer and fall and have improved our fencing, as well as put in new paddocks for the horses. This was made possible through a grant  of $16,190 given by the Melville Hankins Family Foundation to improve our fencing and add new paddocks. A big and grateful THANK YOU to the Foundation for their support. We have replaced many of our gates (that were falling apart) as well, added 5 new areas, three of which are 1.5 acres or more. All areas have water and feeders. But we still have more improvements to make.

One of our long term plans is to add three sided run-in shelters to all holding areas. We currently use 60 acres, however have the ability to expand onto many more and thus help many more horses. This is an ambitious plan for us and we will need your help. Please help us “RAISE SHELTERS” for our horses!

A domestic horse needs access to shade and shelter. Free living (wild and feral) horses can find these in nature. Most of our holding areas have trees available as natural shelter and some already have three-sided shelters.  Horses that do not have access to shade can suffer from overheating, horses with areas of white skin (such as white facial markings) can burn easily , horse flies prefer full sun as well and the high fiber diet of a horse gives off a lot of heat while being digested, which is handy for the horses in cold weather but can work against them in hot weather. A healthy horse can cope with cold weather without any problem, but many of our horses are still being rehabilitated and gaining weight from being starved. We would like all of our horses to have access to shelter from wind, rain, snow and sun. Estimates we have received range from $3,000 to $5,000 per shelter depending on size.

Please help GIVE SHELTER to our horses. If you would like to donate a full shelter, or one side of a shelter, we will  install a donation plaque in your honor (or in memory of a loved one), visible to our visitors. Please mark your donation accordingly and let us know if you have building materials that we might put to use as well!