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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

Sage adopted by Zenia

Slingshot  adopted by Michelle, Richard and Judith

Zia adopted by Dody

Tioga adopted by Cynthia

Skippa Zip adopted by Rebecca

Bonito adopted by Jimmy

Bufford adopted by Cindy and David

Thank You  to all adopters who have opened their homes and hearts to one of our horses!

Congratulations on the new equine additions to your families.

Styles adopted by Anna and Quino

Nymeria adopted by Shoken and family

Ginger, Grey and Jack

Some of our aging population were taken into hospice at Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary by Ulla Pederson.

Thank you Ulla for the great work you do and for giving these three the “retirement” comforts they so deserve.

Blossom adopted by Leanne

Jupiter adopted by Nancy

Dee and Katie adopted by Paul and Lee

Minime adopted by Mary

Oliver adopted by Tina

Scooter adopted by Laura and Caroline

Topaz adopted by Andrea

Teabiscuit adopted by Rogelio

Tiber adopted by Cynthia

Velvet adopted by Patricia

Midnight adopted by Kathy and Julian

General adopted by Julia

Renegade adopted by Roger

Coco adopted by Kathryn