The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

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There are several steps in our adoption process:

1. Please read the Requirements and Regulations page.

2. Fill out the Adoption Application.

3. We will conduct an on-site visit of the facilities the horse will be living at.

4. Payment in full of the adoption fee is required when you pick up the horse and the Adoption Contract is finalized.

5. Approximately six months after you have received the horse we will conduct a second on-site     visit and if that is satisfactory you will receive the bill of sale.

Our primary responsibility is to the horses.

Our goal is to place adoptable horses in new homes. However it is even more important for us to be sure our horses find the best situations possible. In some cases, this means a horse will live at our facility for the rest of its life.

A great deal of effort is devoted to matching adopters with horses who meet their needs. If you are interested in adoption, we are eager to meet with you and determine what kind of horse might be appropriate.

Onyx, Alano & Rolo at THS          

Photo courtesy of Evalyn Bemis