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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

Mail: info@thehorseshelter.org

Penny is a very pretty and balanced grade QH type mare that we are guessing to be about 5 years old (TBD).  She is halter trained and very friendly once she settled in.  She came to us through Animal welfare/NMLB from the Los Ranchos/Corrales area.  Penny will be further evaluated following her quarantine time.  

Until then she is not available for adoption.

Inez is a 22 year old black mare that came to us through the NMLB from the San Geronimo area after being found on State Hwy 283. She had been spotted several times on land grants and state/county roads before she could be caught and picked up by NMLB.
She is halter trained and kind.  She does have some issues following her ordeal which we will be working on to try to resolve. 

Not available for adoption at this time.