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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


This good ol' boy is Laredo.  He is a 25 year old palomino gelding that is as sweet as the day is long.  He came to us through the NMLB after being picked up off hwy 518 in the Las Vegas/Mora area.  We will be working on returning Laredo to a healthy condition before he will be available for adoption.  

Laredo is looking for a sponsor!


Joey is a 2 year old brown/bay stallion that came to THS on 4/11/15 from the Abique area.  He was a surrender from a person that could not handle or care for a young stallion.  People stepped in to transport and sponsor this young guy so he would have a chance at a useful life.  Joey is not halter trained but has a very quite demeanor and is very curious.  He will be gelded and will soon begin his training here at THS.  Not available for adoption at this time.  


Rawhide is a coming 4 year old brown/grulla gelding that arrived on 4/16/15.  He came to us through the NMLB as an estray after being found in the hwy 76, Chamita area.  He is halter trained, trailer loads and is very friendly.  He is just starting his quarantine time so he is not available for adoption.

Joey is sponsored by Leila Reilly

Rawhide is sponsored by Pamela Smith