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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


James came in with Jesse from Artesia.  He is a black stallion that is about 18 months old.  He will need to gain weight and will need to be gelded before he is eligible for adoption.


Jesse came in on 10/3/14 from Artesia as a young stallion, approximately 2 years old.  He is a beautiful dark gray.  He needs to grain weight and needs to be gelded before being eligible for adoption.


Nikki arrived at THS ranch on 10/4/14 from the Belen area.  She is approximately 8 years old and a Thoroughbred type sorrel mare.  She is halter trained and loaded in the trailer with a little encouragement.  She will be further evaluated after her quarantine time is completed.


Nola arrived on 10/4/14 from the Belen area.  She is a big Thoroughbred type bay mare that is halter trained.  She is approximately 8 years old and is in good body condition.  She loaded in the trailer, traveled well and has settled in nicely.  After quarantine she will be evaluated.


Ria is a  bay mare that arrived at the ranch on 10/16/14.  This mare was found along side of a road near Chama.  She is halter trained and easily loaded into the trailer.  She is not available for adoption at this time pending quarantine time and weight gain.