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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


Paco is a shorter but extra stout 20 year old dark brown gelding. He came to THS through the NMLB after a small group of horses were rounded up fromthe National Forest by the Forest Service. He is obviously an easy keeper, is halter trained, loaded into the trailer and he is very friendly. Paco will be available for adoption following his quarantine time.


This is Rosie, a 25 year old chestnut mare that came to us through Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary. She is halter trained and easily loads into a trailer. Rosie will be evaluated after her time in quarantine.


This is Dash, a 19 year old off the track AQHA bay gelding. He came to THS from the Santa Fe area as a surrender and will take some time to be rehabilitated to a healthy weight. He is nice to handle and is very friendly. Not available for adoption at this time.


Delena is a 25 year old Bay AQHA mare that came in with Dash as a surrender from the Santa Fe area.  it appears she spent a short time at the track as well.  She is halter trained and is easily handled.  She will take a great deal of time to get back to a healthy weight so is not available for adoption at this time.


Taos is approximately 25 years old and was found wandering in a desolate area near Taos.  He is very kind and is halter trained, loaded well into a trailer and came in with a big appetite.  Taos is currently not available for adoption as he will take awhile to be rehabilitated to a healthy weight and condition.   


Tucker is a 14 year old chestnut gelding that came from the Taos area as an estray. He is halter trained but a little standoffish at this point. With some extra weight and good grooming, he is going to be a nice looking horse. Tucker will be further evaluated following his quarantine time.