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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


Halah is the filly that came in with Hattie on 12/12/14 from Roswell.  She is about 6 months old and very friendly.  She is very cute with one brown eye and one blue eye, and her markings on one side is that of a true medicine hat paint with the other side typical of a tobiano paint.  She followed her momma on and off the trailer like a champ.  Halah may look like she is in better flesh because her belly is extended due to being so wormy.   She too, like her mom Hattie, is very under weight and will take some time before she is ready to be listed as adoptable.  She would be a great little girl for someone to sponsor!


Hattie and her foal came to The Horse Shelter on 12/12/14 from Roswell.  Hattie is a smaller medicine hat paint mare that is about 7 years old, coming 8.  She is a very nice mare and is easy to handle.  She is halter trained, can be blanketed and easily loads into a trailer.  Hattie will not be available for adoption at this time as she has a body score of 1 and will take some time to gain weight before we begin to evaluate her.  


This is Dally, a 2 (?) year old sorrel stallion.  He is friendly and nice to be around. He and his buddy came from the Roswell area.  He was recently castrated and will be further evaluated after his time in quarantine.  


Deetz arrived at The Horse Shelter on 11/25/14.  He is a yearling (?) black stallion that came in from the Roswell area with Dally.  He is a very friendly guy and wants to be in your hip pocket.  He was recently castrated and will be further evaluated after his quarantine is up.


Dolly is a is a big sorrel mare that arrived at THS on 11/13/14.  She is around 15 years old and is halter  trained.  She will be evaluated at the end of her quarantine time.