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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


This is Boo, a 12 (?) year old gray gelding that came to us from the Pecos area through the NMLB as a surrender from his previous owner that could no longer care for him.  Boo will not be rideable due to an old leg injury, but is very friendly and easy to handle.  He will require timely hoof care to keep him as comfortable as possible.  Not available for adoption at this time pending weight gain and further evaluation. Boo has several health issues that we are having evaluated by our veterinarian.


This is Echo, a 15 (?) year old bay mare that is cute as a button.  She just showed up at a house on the edge of town in Ft. Sumner and no one claimed her.  She is halter trained and loads well into a trailer.  If other horses on the ranch whinny, listen for the "Echo" from down below.  Echo will be evaluated following her quarantine time.


Meet Slick, a 6 (?) year old Bay gelding that looks to be a Quarter Horse or an Appendix Quarter Horse.  Slick is a big, very kind and an easy to be around kind of guy.  He is halter trained, loads well into a trailer and has been ridden by a young girl where he was being boarded.  Slick is blind in his left eye, but does not appear to be bothered by it.  His previous owner boarded him at a neighbors house and abandoned him. Slick got his name because the roads were so "slick" on the trip back from Carlsbad due to freezing fog.  Slick will be held in quarantine for 30 days before being evaluated for adoption.