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Kat is a big bay mare (DOB 2010) that was found on private property in Truth Or Consequences and picked up by NMLB.  Kat is not very trusting at this time but with some patients she did allow me to rub her forehead and thought about following me.  Kat will not be available for adoption until further evaluation and quarantine time. 

Treasure is a black and white pinto mare (DOB 2011) that came in through NMLB. She was part of the group of horses found in the Hondo Valley in San Patricio, NM.  She is halter trained and loaded easily into the trailer but is a bit nervous and standoffish. Not available for adoption while in quarantine.


Truman is a sorrel gelding (DOB 2011) that was found on private property in the Hondo Valley of San Patricio, NM along with some other horses. Although his coat is pretty rough right now, Truman has a lot of chrome with his blaze and 4 white socks.  He is halter trained, friendly and loaded easily into the trailer. Not available for adoption pending quarantine time and evaluation.


Twiggy is a bay filly (DOB 2013). She too came from the Hondo Valley in San Patricio, NM. She is halter trained, loads into a trailer and wants to be friendly.  Twiggy is very kind once she is haltered.  Not available for adoption pending quarantine. 


Pima is a bay mare (DOB 2013) that came in with her foal Penasco, a one month old colt.

Zuni is a sorrel mare (DOB 2014) that came in with her filly Zia, who is barely two weeks old.

Hopi is a sorrel mare (DOB 2012)

Ysidro, a bay stallion was gelded upon arrival at THS (DOB 2012).