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The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico


Pompeii is an 11 year old gelding that arrived at THS on 8/14/14.  He is POA size, about 13 hands.  He came from Abiquiu and is halter trained and we were told he was ridden a few times.  He loaded in the trailer nicely and you can pick up at least his front feet.  Pompeii will be further assessed after his quarantine time.

Lace arrived at THS on 7/30/14.  She is estimated to be born in 1989 and looks to be an Arabian cross mare.  She is very friendly and halter trained. She was good to vaccinate, worm and to trim her hooves.  It will take Lace some time before she is back to a healthy weight at which time we will further evaluate her.

Tessa arrived at THS on 7/22/14.  She is estimated to be born in 2006.  She is friendly and halter trained.  She needs to gain weight and has a hock injury that may restrict her to being a companion animal.  She is good to vaccinate and to de-worm.
She will be  further evaluated following her quarantine time.

Tanya arrived at THS on 7/22/14.  She was estimated to be born in 1997.  She is friendly and halter trained and currently working on gaining weight.