The Horse Shelter

Rescuing Abused, Abandoned and Neglected  Horses Throughout New Mexico

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The Horse Shelter’s mission as organization is to rescue and rehabilitate abused, abandoned and neglected horses throughout New Mexico. That is were most of our resources are placed and need to be directed. But we also recognize the need for more information on horse care, horse welfare and horse resources. Therefore we also endeavor to make this website a resource for future and current horse owners, lovers and enthusiasts, as well as a source of information on horse related issues for the general public.

We do not claim allegiance to any of the organizations linked to this site or resources published, not do we benefit financially from publishing this. Our intention is to provide comprehensive information to the public so that each individual can make their own decisions and conclusions.

This site is constantly growing and we will be adding information as it becomes available to us.

Again, this is an additional service to the public and not our main focus, so please be patient with our updating the site.

Our intention is to disseminate accurate information and humane values to our community.

We are not a political entity, nor are we an advocacy group. Information given on this site is in support of our mission: The Welfare Of The Horse.

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