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Juniper - DOB 2011

This beautiful little mare is small, but tough. She spent some time with Clint Mortenson early in training, but still has a ways to go. She has all the basics, but still has quite a bit of spook in her. Juniper will require a small (she is 11hh) and advanced rider.

Tate - DOB 2009

Tate is an amazing minded, bay, BLM mustang gelding. His great attitude and willing mind has allowed him to excel tremendously in our training program. With just a few months under saddle he is already out riding with more seasoned horses. Due to his lack of time in training, Tate will need an intermediate rider who can continue his training. In the right hands he has the mindset to excel at whatever task he is put to.

Rootbeer - DOB 2009

Rootbeer is bay mare and very talented and athletic, with a lot of potential. Right now she has an attitude problem under saddle in which she gets very sour after being ridden for an extended period of time. We are currently working with her on that and she is steadily getting better, but still requires a lot of work to get her over it. Currently not available for adoption.

Tucker - DOB 2001

Tucker is a beautiful, well put together horse. At 16 years old he still has a lot of spunk and is very alert, but can be a bit spooky. He is getting better every day, but will need an advanced rider to continue his training with him and help him relax more under saddle. Tucker knows all the basic queues and has started picking up on neck reining at slower speeds.

Echo - DOB 2000

Echo is a nice little horse with a great willingness to learn and an amazing personality. She still has plenty of spunk in her but also has the relaxed personality to take it slow when you want her to. She rides around well both in and outside the arena. Echo knows all her basic queues and is starting to advance along to being able to get soft in her face and have a head set. She will require an intermediate rider.

Dally, DOB 2012

Dally is a sorrel gelding, who has a lot to offer. He is very nervous under saddle right now and still requires a lot of training. Dally is very nice minded horse and is constantly looking to please. That combined with his athletic ability will allow him to excel in more physically demanding jobs. He has great potential and will make an excellent horse.  Currently not available for adoption.

The Horse Shelter has a full time trainer on site to help make our horses more adoptable.The horses on this page are currently in various stages of training and their status will change quickly. Adoption fees range between $250 and $1,000. Please call our ranch manager Michele at 505.577.2193 for more information on these horses or to make an appointment to visit the ranch and meet them.

Due to the ongoing training and assessment the website might not reflect their latest status.

We would like to thank the Melville Hankins Family Foundation for their generous grants to fund our training program and help make our horses more adoptable.

Mateo - DOB 2011

Mateo is a beautiful, blood-bay gelding, who is very friendly and has a great mindset. He is a quick learner and a very talented horse, who has a very bright future ahead of him. Under saddle he recently got over a bucking problem, which he has not tried in a while however still has the potential to do. He moves comfortably in all his gates and knows basic queues.

Jaxx - DOB 2/16/99

Jaxx is a registered with the Jockey Club and is a very tall (at least 16 1/2 hands) dark brown gelding. He rides western and english, trail rides, and has done 3 day eventing in the past. He is currently in Foster Training with Gilly Slayter at Luna Rosa and is still available for adoption. He is a gem and easy to work with.
Great to vaccinate, worm, trim, trailer load and has not been a minutes trouble during his time with us.

Jeannie B. is my sponsor!

Wendy, DOB 2010              

 Wendy is a thoroughbred type mare and is coming along well. She is a little bit herd sour and is in the process of relearning all of her basic queues, which she has been picking up very well. Wendy still has a lot to learn but shows much promise and is going to make a great horse.

Currently Wendy requires an advanced rider.

Giselle, DOB 2010

Giselle is a cute little grey mare. She recently was put back into our training program and so far has been showing a want to be nice and quiet. Right now she is working on relearning all of her basic queues, has been taking very well to training and is progressing quickly. Currently she will need an intermediate to advanced rider to continue her training.

Hobbs, DOB 2000

Hobbs is a bay gelding who has been showing a lot of promise in training. He is a very steady horse who could excel at a variety of different things. He knows his basic queues however due to lack of experience can still be a little nervous under saddle. With time he has shown the ability to be very quiet but currently will need a more advance rider to continue his training.

Rocky, DOB 2007              

Rocky is just being brought back into saddle training from several months off. He is a sturdy built thoroughbred who can be quite spooky, but gentles down nicely with consistent groundwork. We will update as training is continued.