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This booklet was put together by Ripley’s Horse Aid Foundation and it addresses all aspects of Equine Care.

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Owning a horse is great for you health, your nerves, and your mood. It is also a lot of work. Presumably you will always enjoy the work, which will be both challenging and soothing, but it will also be constant. You cannot decide to skip feeding your horse today.

Please, before you decide to adopt or buy a horse, or even consider accepting one as gift, make sure you know what is required to take proper care of an equine. The average life span of a horse is 25-30 years and there are horses that have on record lived to be 56!

So not only are you making a commitment of care for quite a long period of time, but also a commitment to take care of all of its needs on daily basis physically, mentally and financially.

The booklet below is meant to help you realize what is needed to take proper care of a horse.

Please always consult your local veterinarian to establish specific care and feed guidelines for your horse.