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2017 Gimme Shelter - Trainers’ Rally for Rescues Event

July 14 & 15 at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds

Our Judges

Horses and Trainers in this years’ competition

Will Lann

Will gives clinics in Texas and Santa Fe.

This year he is taking three of our horses for the competition.

Bio coming soon!

Will Lann

Will gives clinics in Texas and Santa Fe.

This year he is taking three of our horses for the competition.

Bio coming soon!

Horse: Alano, 4 year old, bay/white pinto gelding; 13.2hh

Trainer: Will Lann

Sponsor: Mary Rankovich, Hatcher Law Firm, Gail Dobish, Patricia Hug

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Horse: Augustus, 5 year old, blue roan             gelding; 15hh

Trainer: Will Lann

Sponsor:  Fred & Judy Milder, Ray & Dianne Moreau, Stuart & Helen Garber

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Rudy Lara, Jr.

Rudy Lara, Jr. has been riding since he was four years old and has been around horses all his life. He started competing with the Charros "Mexican cowboys" and at 15 years of age he was selected to represent the USA to compete on a team in the Charros National finals. Also at 15 he started helping his father work horses for people and Rudy has been doing that ever since. Rudy is now 26 years old and is currently competing in ranch roping. Last year his team made it to the finals at the Buck Brannaman Pro AM ranch roping in Santa Ynez, CA. Last year Rudy and his father were invited to visit Porto Feliz Brazil for a world expo where he gave a demonstration on ranch roping.                

Rudy placed 2nd in our 2016 Gimme Shelter Challenge with Jesse and also won the People’s Choice Award that year.

Greg Russell

Greg Russell was born in New Zealand into a horse training family and he has been developing his skills in training over the past thirty five years. Starting as a young child in riding whatever ponies or horses he had available. As young adult working in an agricultural/cattle industry, Greg had the opportunity to work under a natural horseman, Paddy Sherriff, who became a lifetime mentor. Realizing his passion was in developing young and challenging horses, in 1997, Greg decided to move to the United States to work with a broader performance horse base full-time and to train in various equine disciplines. Greg developed a business starting colts and rehabilitating horses with physical and/or behavioral problems. Personal reasons and climate preference brought him back to NM in 2015.  



Horse: Captain Call, 3 year old,             grey gelding; 14.2+ hh

Trainer: Rudy Lara, Jr.

Sponsor: Susan & David Rule

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Horse: Koda, 4 year old, blood bay             gelding; 13.2+ hh

 Trainer: Patrick Otis

Sponsor: Nancy Langford, Mark & Barbara Steinberg, Ruthie Koval, Larry Clyde

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Patrick Otis

Patrick Otis is a trainer in Eldorado at Santa Fe. He has a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from NMSU and has been riding, in multiple disciplines, since he was 2 years old. Winning a national championship in 13 and under keyhole at the age of nine, and placing 7th in the world open pole bending in the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC). Patrick was on the NMSU equestrian team and in charge of caring for animals on campus and then moved to NMSU School Ranch to work and train horses. He was a barn manager at Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for four years, while training and Rodeoing on team roping horses. Patrick and his wife, a mixed animal veterinarian, live and work in Eldorado.They have 3 ½ year old twins in addition to horses, dogs, sheep and chicken.

Horse: Little Big Man, 3 year old, bay            gelding; 13.1+ hh

Trainer: Will Lann

Sponsor: Mary Ann & Richard Rose

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Horse: Lupita, 6 year old, palomino            mare; 14 hh

Trainer: Lori Krenzien

Sponsor: Bob & Dana Bigler

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Horse: Treasure, 6 year old, black/white pinto mare; 15+ hh

Trainer: Dale Fastle

Sponsor: Gerald Hogan

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Horse: Truman, 6 year old, sorrel             gelding; 14.3+ hh

Trainer: Julie Phillips

Sponsor: Frank & Lynne Minard

Trainer Contact:


Horse: Zuni, 3 year old, chestnut            mare; 13.3 hh

Trainer: Alexis Fastle

Sponsor: Julia Peters

Trainer Contact:


Horse: Ysidro, 5 year old, bay             gelding; 13.2 hh

Trainer: Sam Grogan

Sponsor: Bryan Brooks & John                Haupert

Trainer Contact:


Will Lann

Will gives clinics in Texas and Santa Fe.

This year he is taking three of our horses for the competition.

Bio coming soon!

Thank You Event Sponsors:

Horse: Deetz, 4 year old black             gelding; 14.1+ hh

Trainer: Greg Russell

Sponsor: Pat & Patty Carter

Trainer Contact:


www.GregRussellhorsetraining. com

Lori Krenzien

Over the years I have acquired a great deal of knowledge in many disciplines of horsemanship. It has been my privilege to ride, compete, train and teach both riders and horses. Beginning at a young age I traveled the country showing AQHA in all around events as well as competing at the Youth World Finals under the direction of Holly Hover. Lori has a degree in Equine Reproduction and received her Rider Instructor Training Certificate from Cherry Hill & Diane Solomon. Her mentor, master teacher and trainer for the past 23 years is internationally known Mestre Dominique Barbier. From him I learned the art of classical riding—a riding discipline that values lightness in the rider, the horse’s self carriage, compassion and being fully present.  

An important part of my training program includes liberty work which is foundational and relationship building with a horse. Recently, I have moved to Santa Fe, NM and will be accepting new clients.  My specialties include groundwork, starting young horses, long lining, liberty work, higher level movements, lateral work and riding instruction.

Dale Fastle

My mom put me on a horse as soon as I could walk. She has always had a passion for horses, and dragged me and my sister, Alex into that passion as soon as she felt she was able (that is, a lot earlier than was probably technically safe). That being said, I have been riding and working with horses since before I can remember and have competed in numerous horse-related disciplines including buckskin shows, team penning, team sorting ,barrel racing, pole bending, and others. In addition to this, I competed in the 2007 youth extreme makeover and the 2016 adult mustang makeover (both in Fort Worth) taking 15th overall both times. Currently, I am majoring in biology at the University of New Mexico and working as a horse handler for Kids Bridge Therapy Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Alexis Fastle

Alexis Fastle is 20 years old and lives in Corrales, NM. She has been riding horses her whole life, competing in team sorting, cutting, ranch pleasure, and trail. She was introduced to training horses at 11 when she competed in the youth 007 Extreme Mustang Makeover, winning first place with her yearling, Fleet. Alexis has since taken part in one more youth Extreme Mustang Makeover, and then, the adult 2015 Extreme Mustang Makeover, where she took 11th with her five year old gelding, Little Joe. Since then she has gotten her own yearling quarter horse to train, and plans to be advancing her training over the next many years.

Alexis placed first in our 2016 Gimme Shelter Challenge!

Julie Phillips

Julie Phillips has been training horses and people professionally for over 30 years. She was a cattle rancher in Utah and now owns the Starry Night Ranch in Llaves N.M. with her husband Tony Shepperdson.
They host horsemanship kids camps and adult retreats for their guests. 
Julie trained with some great horse trainers throughout her life and has been a youth leader for many years.
Ranch sorting is her horse sport of choice.

Julie Phillips placed 3rd in our 2016 Gimme Shelter event!

Sam Grogan

Sam Grogan learned the basics of being around horses and how to ride and then became a part of the top drill teams in Westernaires, performing precision drills all over the country for shows and rodeos. He also took up trick riding, and began performing tricks and stunts on horseback at events. Sam helped train for the Westernaires and also began training horses for others. He gave riding and training lessons until he graduated high school and then worked as a contract trainer for the Harmony Equine Training Team, where he trained rescue horses with the intent to adopt them out to new homes. Sam is now the onsite trainer at THS and we are thrilled to be working with him. He just participated in the “Comeback Challenge” which is Colorado’s biggest trainer challenge, in which he placed 10th.

The trainers are offering their skills pro bono and have 100 days to train their horse. None of the horses has ever been saddled before.

 At the event in July the trainers will be showing off the horse’s new skill sets under saddle and all horses will be available for adoption.

                        Horses were picked and went home with the trainers on April 1, 2017.

2016 Gimme Shelter Event 2015 Gimme Shelter Event

Horse: Pima, 4 year old, liver chestnut mare; 14.1+ hh

Trainer: LetiziaZia” Reato

Sponsor: Carole Berger, Tara Earley, Tom Smart

Trainer Contact:


Letizia “ZIA” Reato

Zia is a Swiss native,  who moved to the United States 10 years ago in order to pursue her dream to work with wild horses. In 2012 she opened her own riding facility in Oregon and also became a TIP trainer. So far she has successfully re-homed two BLM mustangs (9 year olds) and two wild reservation horses (3 and 4year old.) Due to limited access to adequate facilities and muddy, long winters she decided to move to greener pastures. After a season in Montana she found her way to New Mexico and is currently involved with processing the feral and abandoned horses at a holding facility just outside of Santa Fe. She finally found her dream facility. Zia’s riding disciplines include Western and English riding styles. Her training methods are instinctive and rooted in implementing respect and trust, as opposed to force, to get the desired results.

Captain Call's Training Progress Lupita's Training Progress