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Janie - DOB 1996

Janie is a beautiful Appaloosa mare, who is blind in her left eye. She is an easy keeper, halter trained, but in a big area can be difficult to catch. Nice to handle, worm and vaccinate. Janie is a former PMU mare.

Shamrock - DOB 2000

Beautiful, gray Quarter Horse type mare that can be difficult to catch in a large area, but on some days comes right up to you and enjoys to be petted.

Holly - DOB 1994

Former barrel racer that arrived at THS blind in one eye and has since turned blind on the other as well. She enjoys being around her horse buddies and also loves a good grooming.

Companion & Older Horses

Due to age or medical conditions and old injuries most of these horses are available as companion horses Our regular adoption fee for these horses is $250. Some of these horses will stay with us for life. If you are looking for a younger companion horse please look at our other horses as well or give us a call to determine a good fit for your needs.

Arapahoe -DOB 1988 Appaloosa gelding who likes to be in the center of attention, especially at lunch that he take with the volunteers. One of our ambassadors as he loves attention and is hard to miss!

Sally - DOB 1997

Big, flea-bitten gray mare, 15.2 hh. She is trained under saddle and could take some light riding. Blind in her left eye but handles that quite well. She is nice to trim. A cribber that does well with a crib collar and slow feeder.

Anabelle - DOB 1983

Little Anabelle is our oldest horse at 32 and she is still going strong. She is best friends with Una and they can barely be seen apart. Anabelle enjoys grooming and being petted.

Una - DOB 1990

Big, beautiful, black mare that can be a little difficult to catch, but is very nice once haltered. Easy to vaccinate, worm and trim. Una was a cruelty seizure and surrendered to us through court disposition.

Chica  - DOB 1994

Sorrel mare that has trust issues making her difficult to catch. Once caught she is h alter broke. Did very well with vaccinations and worming. Would be a good companion horse.

Aspen - DOB 1998

A gorgeous gray and white paint mare that has turned totally white. She has great confirmation but is rather stand-offish. Aspen will need more training.

Alba, DOB 1997         

 Alba is a uniquely colored, light roan mare. She looks to be gaited. Difficult to catch, but very well mannered when being handled. We were able to vet her and float her teeth without sedation. Great companion horse and may be broke to ride.

Pequin - DOB 1993

A headstrong sorrel mare that tends to bully her pasture mates. Pequin is halter trained and can be caught. She enjoys being groomed and would love to have a sponsor.

Flo - DOB  1996

Big, pretty, almost white appaloosa mare. She has a very nice confirmation. When Flo is kept in smaller spaces and handled on a regular basis, she loves to be groomed.

Wobbles - DOB 2006

Wobbles is our little gremlin that is always in trouble! Small horse with a BIG personality who has Wobblers syndrome. He likes to nip to get his buddies and your attention.

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Zayda, DOB 1995

Zayda is a gray Arabian type mare that is halter trained and very friendly. She came to THS through the NMLB very neglected and is still being rehabilitated.

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Sweetpea - DOB 1996

Gorgeous, ex-race horse, that has been pin fired while at the track.She is a nice mare that would make a great companion horse, as she is very easy to handle.

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Skippa Zip, DOB 1993

Skippa Zip is a registered Appaloosa and was used as a PMU mare in Canada until she came to THS. She is friendly and would make a great companion horse.

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Franny, DOB 1992         

 Franny is an older sorrel mare that is halter trained and loads easy. She is sweet, lovable and just easy to be around. She is still in rehab and needs to gain a lot of weight. Not available for adoption at this time.

Journey, DOB 1997    Is an appaloosa mare who came to THS severely emaciated. She has since regained weight but is showing some behavioral issues that we are trying to resolve.

Paco, DOB 1995

Paco is a shorter but extra stout, dark brown gelding.  He came to THS through the NMLB.  He is obviously an easy keeper, is halter trained, easily loads into a trailer and is very friendly.

Randall, DOB 2011

A sorrel gelding who is halter trained and very friendly. Randall came to us very underweight and still needs to gain weight before we can evaluate him further.

Riley, DOB 1998

Riley is a bay mare who came in with Randall and is also severely underweight. She is halter trained and we will evaluate her further once she has gained more weight.